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QuickFlow Integrated Divine Services

With over 10 years of operation in Nigeria, QuickFlow Integrated Divine Services is recognized as a distinguished solution provider with an extensive portfolio of five divisions; Power Generation, Steel Fabrication, Electrical Products and Solutions, Heavy Construction Equipment. 

QuickFlow Integrated Divine Services was established in 2009 with the objective of carrying out quality and dependable power generating products. Its business included sales, servicing, maintenance, overhauling and rentals of Diesel and gas power generating sets. Since its establishment, it has been contributing to the development of the power sector in the Nigerian economy, and became a nation leader in our market as a one-stop-shop for Power Solution.
Our company today has diversified its business activities from Power Generation into the above-mentioned divisions and it aims to keep expanding its portfolio throughout the upcoming years. This is why QuickFlow Integrated Divine Services is now The PowerFULL Solution, beyond power generation.




To be recognized as the leading solution provider and preferred partner in the region in the sectors of; power generation, electrical products and solutions, steel fabrication, heavy construction equipment and forklifts, as well as in the automotive industry

To provide our valued customers satisfactory solutions for their requirements with quality products at competitive pricing and committed to maintaining customer satisfaction by consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations